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About Us at Tastee Farm Shop

About Us at the Tastee Farm Shop at Massingberd Arms Farm

We are a farming family who rent a National Trust farm on the Gunby Hall estate. Bernard Jarnell came here in 1956 when the farm was much smaller and kept a few cattle and a small number of chickens.

Graham and son Andrew work full time on the farm. Wife Liz runs the farm shop helped by daughter Emma.

Today we farm 500 acres in total and growing wheat and oilseed rape. The 100 acres of grass which a greater proportion is rigg and furrow. We are concerned about the way farming has an important role in preserving the countryside and have joined the Higher Level Stewardship to help maintain important features.

What's New: We have been asked to graze the Gunby park surrounding Gunby Hall with Native breed called Massingberd Lincoln Reds. We are members of the Licoln Red Cattle Society.
...This is something we have been building towards for a few years.


> Gunby Hall and around the farm

Higher Level Stewardship

field marginField margins have been created around cultivated fields530 mtrs of hedge has been planted creating new and restoring ancient boundaries.

2700 mtrs of sheep fencing has been erected so 4 grass fields are now managed for the benefit of re-establishing meadow flowers which once coloured the picturesque landscape at Gunby. 9901 mtrs or grassed margins provide refuge for wild life both and plants around our arable fields in some of these plants have started to grow not seen in the fields of the estate for many years.

In the winter of 2005, 15 parkland trees have been planted in the safety of wooden tree guards in the ancient south park overlooked by Gunby Hall. These include Oak, Chestnut, Elm and a Hornbeam.

tree guardsDuring 2005 DEFRA (Department for Farming and Rural Affairs) introduced a new environmental scheme open to farmers called the Entry Level Scheme (ELS). With the aid of digital mapping we entered into this scheme and managed to start our ELS on the 1st Aug 2005.

hedge trimmingWe agreed to not to trim all our hedges every year. Also making sure at least one side of each hedge and ditches are left for wildlife to benefit from each year. 2865 mtrs of hedge have been entered into this scheme.

A further 500 mtrs of margins have been left around an arable field.

We also have record all the environmental features such as in field trees and watercourses on our farm so they will be protected for the benefit of all.


Massingberd Arms

The Massingberd Arms is no longer a Public House but is now home to the Jarnell family. The Massingberd Arms in 1900.

Emily Massingberd bought this pub during the time she lived at Gunby Hall and turned it into a Temperance Hotel (the pub with no beer). She gathered the tenants of the estate together on the banks of one of the ponds and from the safety of a boat would lecture them on the evils of drink!

Today (still with with no amount of beer in the cellar) we sell farm produce and Free Range Eggs to the ever increasing number of people passing by to the coast.

binderSheaves of corn being loaded onto a new trailer We don't have many old photographs of work on the farms, but the second photo on the left is taken at Grange Farm Welton-le-Marsh, which is part of the Gunby Hall estate. Here you can see sheaves of corn being loaded onto a new trailer with a draw bar for a tractor still being pulled with a Shire horse.

Sheaves of corn being loaded onto a new trailer

bale cartBernard Jarnell loading bales onto a trailer with a Bale Slave in 1965The third photograph is of Bernard Jarnell loading bales onto a trailer with a Bale Slave in 1965 .At that time the farm was much smaller but employed a lot more labour than today.

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